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New EBU Recommendation on Future Spectrum Use

source:Digital TV news The author: release:2012/7/2 modify:2012/7/2

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EBU Recommendation 136 is an important milestone for European broadcasters as they prepare for the next World Radiocommunication Conference in 2015

GENEVA — The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) today published a new recommendation on spectrum management, representing an important milestone in preparing for the next ITU World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-15). The recommendation affirms the importance of terrestrial broadcasting in EBU Member markets, pointing out that there are large differences between each of these. Such differences should be taken into account when planning the way that the UHF band is used in future.

Integrating linear and non-linear services

The EBU also stresses the importance of ensuring that the UHF band (including the 700MHz band) should be retained for the delivery of broadcasting services (both linear and non-linear). This is particularly important as the EBU and its Members are working to facilitate a close integration between the linear and non-linear services they deliver to mobile devices, PCs, tablets and hybrid television sets.

The EBU’s Director of Technology & Development, Lieven Vermaele said “Terrestrial spectrum is an important natural resource and its use should be optimized for the benefit of citizens. Broadcasting is a very efficient way of delivering media services to the public. EBU Members in many European countries rely heavily on terrestrial spectrum to ensure that their viewers can watch their services. The EBU recognizes the need to ensure that the mobile services can help to bring broadband to all; we are working with different industry stakeholders and regulators to ensure that this can be done without undermining the distribution channels for public service media.”

EBU contributions

The next ITU World Radiocommunication Conference will take place in Geneva in 2015. In the interim period numerous consultations and studies are being undertaken at both global and regional level. The EBU and its Members are actively contributing to these activities, in particular through ITU and CEPT.

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