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CKUDW-G0100 Wide-band Frequency Repeater

CKUDW-G0100 Wide-band Frequency Repeater

CKUDW-G0100  Wide-band Frequency Repeater


*The wild-type waterproof design, simple and attractive appearance, suitable for outdoor work

*Support all standard digital TV, mobile TV signal transmission and Signal complement point, support single spectrum and wide-band (multi-spectral) amplification

*Patented RF delay technology. Avoid the interference with multi-point signal cross-coverage.

*Large range AGC control circuit (50dB), high-precision ALC compensation function, ensure the output power stability when external signal large changes.

*Complete protection functions: self-excitation protection, overload protection, signal fast impact protection, power protection, temperature control protection, password security control.

*Microcomputer control, support remote debugging and monitoring after equipped with communication module (GPRS)

*Equipment Customization: optical input type, microwave input type.

*Single Frequency Network Delay Adjustable

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